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Try before you buy and get 3 energy samples and 3 hydration samples (one of each) in Wildcherry Squeeze, Wildberry Freeze and Panda Punch single-serving stimpacks.


  • (1) Wildcherry Squeeze Energy Stimpack
  • (1) Wildcherry Squeeze Hydration Stimpack
  • (1) Wildberry Freeze Energy Stimpack
  • (1) Wildberry Freeze Hydration Stimpack
  • (1) Panda Punch Energy Stimpack
  • (1) Panda Punch Hydration Stimpack


Combining our energy and hydration matrix will give you a brain fuel that's unmatched leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.



Need we say more? Focused. Hydrated. Energized. Your brain will be firing on all cylinders.



Utilizing the patented ingredients from both formulas will give you a brain boost within 15 minutes. Increasing focus, memory, and reflexes you'll be able to conquer any task ahead of you.



"Love the flavor! The hydration formula is nice for when you wake up in the morning to get that boost of hydration in or after a long day of work. The energy works amazing. I feel much more concentrated and feel like Im playing on an elevated mindset of concentration and clarity!"

Christian L.

"Glitch is the only energy drink I can have that doesn't leave me jittery or crashing halfway through the day! All the flavors are good! Love how I can just switch to hydration when I dont need extra energy or much focus with the bundles!!"

Felicia A.

“This new idea to create a Hydration formula has exceeded my expectations. I had high hopes and just drinking this blew my mind. The flavor was amazing as well!”

Josh N.

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